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Roofing & Roofing Repairs

WCC are experienced with the installation and maintenance of most roof types used on the majority of structures. We offer repairs, replacement, refurbishment and new installations of sheet roofing, repairs and tile replacement of tiled roofs and roof slab repairs. Our roofing services are available in Cape Town and surrounding areas/regions. Contact Us for more information!

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    Roofing Services

    Roof Installations in Cape Town

    Sheet Roof Installations

    WCC specializes in Sheet roof installations and we sheet everything from residential properties to Commercial properties, including Balconies, Garages, Braai enclosures, Patio Enclosures and more.

    We offer a 10 year guarantee on all new roof sheet systems installed and only use top quality roofing products. More Info…

    Get it done right first time!

    Repairs to Roofs and Ceilings

    Roof Repairs

    We repair all types of roofing – Sheet roofs, Tiled Roofs, Concrete roofs. Let us assess the best method and installation for your application.

    Maintenance of your roof should not be overlooked and regular inspections should be carried out to ensure that all is 100%.

    This in turn can save you in the long run-on interior damages resulting from a compromised roofing structure.

    Roofing Repairs, Installation and Waterproofing

    Roof Cleaning

    High pressure roof cleaning is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring a clean new look to your home or office whilst carrying out an important maintenance aspect to your property.

    Pressure washing removes mould, mildew, fungi and stains and allows your roof to function at optimum levels.

    Repairs and Installation of Sheet Roofing in Cape Town

    Sheet Roofing

    Sheeting of Pitched and Flat Roofs – 10 Year Guarantee

    Our sheet roofing solutions are cost effective and visually attractive with a variety of colours to choose from. With today’s technology and coatings sheet roofing has become an extremely durable roofing solution.

    We re-sheet and install new roof sheeting using manufacturers specifications for installation. All materials are cold cut to ensure the materials are not compromised in anyway, so manufacturer warranties can be honoured.

    We provide the highest attention to detail with regards to Flashing and how the roof will operate with regards to flow of water.

    We supply and Fit the best Roofing Products

    Youngman Roofing & Sheet Roofing installers
    Youngman Roofing & Sheet Roofing installers
    Youngman Roofing & Sheet Roofing installers
    Approved Isotherm Insulation Installers Cape Town